My name is Tyler, and I live in Canada. I made this website because I wanted to have a place where I could share and archive some of my projects. I mostly make music, but I have also made a few programming projects, as well as some miscellaneous things that I think are useful or interesting.



Soundcloud Bandcamp Discogs


Robothugs EP, Soukouch Ethnik 2012
Wave to Brain, Bandcamp, 2013
Spectral Juke Tracks Vol. 1, Bandcamp, 2015
Spectral Juke Trax. Vol 2, Bandcamp, 2016


Lao - Mangle (Dj Tylermania remix), 2012


710 Records Compilation Vol. 1, 2012


Our House Podcast 51


Python Projects

Moon Bird
A Flappy Bird clone made using Pygame.

An ultra-minimal GUI text editor written in Python.

Web Projects

Doom Map Name Generator

Doom Wads

Vampire Castle
A collection of five retro-inspired maps that I made a few years back. Made for Doom 2. Screenshots

Sample Packs

Show Image Yamaha VSS-30

Yamaha VSS-30 Sample Pack
The VSS-30 is a very lo-fi sampler from the late 1980s. It was marketed as a toy keyboard, but it has a very distinctive sound that makes it great for experimental and lo-fi music. I ran some sounds through it, download and enjoy. :)
Click the link above to download, it's just a folder of .wav files, so it will work with every DAW.

Lo-fi Digital Photography

Lo-fi Image Gallery
I've been fascinated by the grainy, ethereal character of old digital cameras for a long time. Here are some examples.


tylermania at protonmail dot com